The Art of Paul Clark

Paul Clark was born and raised in East Point, GA. He fell in love with art at an early age and went on to attend Georgia State University where he studied under Rocio Rodriguez and Medford Johnston. Under their tutelage, Paul realized his passion for oil paint and the figure. He fell in love with the evidential stroke of Velasquez, Van Gogh and Francis Bacon.

All of these influences are clearly seen in his work today, yet there is something distinctly 21st Century about his most recent work. His beach series takes on the lightness of Hockney, while still expressing Paul's fundamental interest in human anatomy. Themeatically, of late, there are two distinct themes. One of the innocence and joy of children at the beach, and the other of a lifelong fathoming of the Christian faith.

Although thematically the 2 periods are very different, there is a pervasive style to Paul's imagery overall. Figures are being transformed from the physical world to a world of pure light. From the base to the divine. Ultimately each work is a transfiguration.

Paul is currently showing on Artfinder and Saatchi. Recently he has been working on the illustrated version of The Mapmaker Pt. 2, part of a long-time collaboration with the writer S. Talbot.

Paul is currently seeking gallery representation.